Some notes and issues associated with the Suter family tree

NEW - Enos Suter b abt 1818 Bourton, Dorset; d 1878 Farncombe, Surrey
Records from Surrey archives show that Enos Suter (who married Ann Mills in 1854) was born in Bourton around 1818, a son of Seth Suter. There are no baptism records that show this and no indication that Seth and Sophia were nonconformists. Altogether there are no baptism records for three of the children. I cannot find a census record for Enos in 1841 and 1851 - usually that means he was a military person. In 1861 he was a tea dealer.

NEW - What happened to Stephen Suter
Stephen Suter was born in 1770 and at age 17 was sentenced to death for stealing a horse. He was reprieved but sentenced to be transported to NSW in 1788. He would have been a "first fleeter" had he survived the prison hulk "Dunkirk" at Plymouth. Newspaper reports show he left the gaol at Fisherton Anger but he did not arrive in NSW as did fellow prisoners sentenced at the same time. I have assumed he died on the prison hulk and his body disposed of without records.

NEW - John Hiscutt of Bath b 1819 John Hiscutt was sentenced to transportation to NSW in 1836 for sacrilege (he stole the communion wine). He received a Certificate of Freedom in 1844 and settled in NSW - and I believe he died in the late 1800s. I do not know when he went to Bath and what happened to him in NSW. There are no other Hiscutts in Bath other than his parents.

Thomas and Alice Harcourt (alias Urson)
Thomas and Alice Harcourt both died within a day or so of each other in October 1676 and were buried at Mere, Wilts. They had 7 children – the 5 oldest children were baptised at Silton, Dorset and the 2 youngest were baptised at Mere. They were married in 1658 at Silton – ‘Thomas Hearcout and Alse Sutor was marrid the 8th day of ffebruary’. {Note that the dates are Julian calendar and that the names Harcourt/Urson/Harcourt als Urson are interchangeable in the parish records.} Thomas left a nuncupative will on the 10th October (he was buried on the 12th) leaving his estate to Dorothy Suter in order for her to bring up his children.
'vizt I give all that I have unto my Sister Dorothy Shuter as long as shee shall keepe herselfe in that name that shee is for the breeding vp of his Children,'

Alice Harcourt nee Suter was almost certainly the daughter of John & Dorothy Suter. The Silton parish records do not start until 1653 but given the number of children it is likely Alice was born about 1638. John & Dorothy also had another daughter, Dorothy and the best estimate of her date of birth is about 1644. Dorothy (the daughter) had a base born boy who was baptised in 1662. The wording in the parish record suggests she was quite young at the time. The question is - which Dorothy was charged with bringing up the Harcourt children? John & Dorothy Suter had at least 8 children and this puts their dates of birth at around 1610/1615. It is extremely unlikely that Thomas Harcourt would have entrusted the bringing up of his children to a 60 year old woman in the 17th century. Also if it was Dorothy senior, the bequest would surely have gone to John Suter and not Dorothy. It is interesting that Dorothy junior received the Harcourt estate on condition that she stayed unmarried and that she already had a base born child - no stigma there it would appear. Dorothy junior subsequently married a Bolster but the record has not been found. Perhaps she waited until the Harcourt children were all over 21.

Two Joseph Suters marry in 1715
A Joseph Suter married a Mary Bealing on 27 May 1715 at Mere and a Joseph Suter married an Anne Gulliford on 23 May 1715 at Stourton. Both of these marriages are recorded in the Parish Register and appear to be genuine. Children are born pretty regularly from 1715 (although there is a gap between 1719 and 1723) and these are baptised at Silton. Only one of the entries - the last of the children, Charles in 1728 - states the name of the mother - Anne. It seems likely that this is the Ann Gulliford who married Joseph at Stourton. There is a burial of an Ann Suter in 1729 so this probably fits with the relatively small size of the family. There is also a will in 1729 for a Joseph Suter which mentions his wife - Elizabeth! Both of the Josephs are from Silton so it looks as if the marriages are father and son - but why does the will show a wife called Elizabeth?
There is no other evidence of a marriage with Mary Bealing - apart from the record in the PR. (There are numerous trees on the Internet that allocate children to Joseph and Mary but there is no evidence of this in the PRs.)

The marriage of Charles Suter with Elizabeth Suter in 1787
From the Silton PR (Banns) :- Charles Suter of this Parish Butcher and Elizabeth Suter of this Parish Spinster... The marriage took place at Silton on 18 Feb 1787. In 1793 the PR shows :- Charles Suter of this Parish Butcher and Ann Lyde of this Parish, Spinster married in this Church by Banns this first day of April (1793). The Banns show :- Charles Suter of this Parish Batchelor[sic] and...
Is this the same Charles Suter in both marriages or has the Curate spent bachelor incorrectly and this is a different Charles? The Banns PR for the period 1790 to 1792 show only the status of the couple and not the occupations. Prior to 1790 occupations were stated rarely - after 1792, the new Curate did not show status or occupation. On balance this looks like a different Charles Suter - almost certainly the son of the Charles who married Elizabeth Suter (whose first wife was Sarah Marshall). Perhaps Charles junior was a butcher as well as his father.

Identity of the John Suter who married Elizabeth Gatehouse
The Silton PR shows John Suter to have married Elizabeth Gatehouse on 2 Apr 1804 at Silton. They had 10 children which was typical of the time and an estimate of John's date of birth would be about 1780. There is only one known family producing children at the right time - John Suter (b 1749) and Grace Tufton. However there are a number of problems with allocating John Suter b abt 1780 to this family despite John & Grace appearing to have had only 5 children by 1785. All 5 of these children were baptised at Silton so why wasn't John? The 1851 census suggests he was born in 1783 (which is confirmed in his death certificate) but if that was the case, why was Grace Suter baptised early in 1784? The best guess is that the John Suter born in 1783 was the illigitimate son of the Elizabeth Suter who married Charles Suter in 1787 (see above). A possible problem with that is that Elizabeth would have been 39 at the time (there are some other as yet unidentified illigitimate Suter children so it may not have been her first). Further discussion of this issue can be found :- here

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