The genealogy of the Suter section is mostly accurate and has been verified, where possible, using other documents such as wills, militia ballots, service records etc. There will be errors of course and the master database is constantly being updated. The significant problem areas are detailed in the "issues" section.

The Brixey section has not been updated for some time. It is quite accurate from the 19th century onwards but there are bound to be issues before then.

The Hiscutt section is accurate once Charles Hiscutt moves to Portsea but before that the Longbridge Deverill data needs quite a lot of time to get it to a reasonable standard. I include it because I would like to attract fellow researchers. The Hiscutt name is quite rare - if you are a Hiscutt, you will almost certainly be related to the group located around this part of Wiltshire. This include known Hiscutts in the NE of England, Australia and Canada. There are some Hiscotts which are related to these Hiscutt - in some cases the names are interchangeable.

I haven't included my large section of POPEs from Okeford Fitzpaine because I know there is an error in my database. This branch of the Pope family has been well documented on the Internet by other researchers.

I am particularly interested in any Balster or Bolster family trees. My direct ancestor, Dorothy Suter, gave birth to an illigitimate son but shows up some years later as Dorothy Balster or Bolster. I have not been able to find this marriage (probably in Somerset) so cannot prove it.

Table of Contents

bullet   Descendants of John Suter (abt 1610 - 1680)

bullet   Descendants of William Brixey (abt 1674 - 1704)

bullet   Descendants of William Hiscutt (abt 1770 - ?)

bullet   Some notes & issues associated with the Suter family tree

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