The genealogy of some families from the villages of Silton & Bourton

This web site is the result of research into a number of families that lived in or near Silton & Bourton from the late 1500s onwards - two Dorset villages close to the county boundaries of Wiltshire & Somerset. The research started with a study of the Suter family but was soon extended to the study of the many familes which became related by marriage over the centuries. Linen weaving was the most significant "industry" in the area during the 17th and early 18th centuries and the families related by marriage were mostly fellow linen weavers. The effects of the Industrial Revolution were particularly harsh on cottage weaving and this led to significant migrations to South Wales during the 19th century - to work in the coal mines and steel mills.

Stained glass window in Silton church The Wyndham oak at Silton St. Nicholas's church, Silton Inside Silton church

From left to right:- a stained glass window inside Silton church by Clayton & Bell (a tribute to Leah Bell nee Suter), the Wyndham Oak at Silton, a view of the outside of Silton church, and a view from inside the church.

Two early maps of the area showing the surrounding villages on the borders of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

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